Bryce Tryon Rides a Surprise Half Pipe at his High School with ASA Action Sports

Imagine sitting in class thinking about BMX, and all of a sudden you get asked to go ride your bike on a surprise half pipe right in front of your high school with all your classmates watching you… 14 year old Bryce Tryon’s dream comes true right here at his high school in Lodi, California.

Filming: Leon Tryon/Dustin Grice
Editing: Dustin Grice
Follow: @tryonbmx @asaactionsports @dustingrice @lilprosbmxtour

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LIL PROS BMX TOUR – Part 1 – Stephen Murray’s Compound & Pat Casey’s Dreamyard

GRICE Productions Presents: LIL PROS BMX TOUR: “THEY’RE COMING AFTER YOU.” What once started with an 11 year old who had never seen a mountain or ocean, soon turned into a spontaneous 30 hour drive across America with Dustin Grice & Dallas Light, creating the first ever “Lil Pros BMX Tour” throughout Southern California starring the youngest talent in BMX. THANK YOU for giving our next generation the time of their lives.. Parents, pros, media, yards, parks, locals.. Our next generation is about to DESTROY.

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Bryce Tryon 11 Years Old Lands The World’s Youngest Backflip Barspin Woodward

Wowww 11yr old bryce tryon just landed the worlds youngest backflip barspin on woodwards resi in tehachapi california makin us proud !!!!