What once started with an 11 year old who had never seen a mountain or ocean, soon turned into a spontaneous 30 hour drive across America with Dustin Grice and Dallas Light creating the first ever “Lil Pros BMX Tour” throughout Southern California starring the youngest talent in BMX.


What is it?
It’s simply fun sessions for the kids! We get brands to send in product & stickers, maybe even parents helping out with anything they feel would add to the fun, like a BBQ! Really just getting everyone to chip in & make a fun weekend for the kids. Then we then film an edit at each place we ride to remember our fun sessions together. BMX Plus even did a magazine article on one of the tours as well giving some of the kids their first ever photo in a magazine!

Is it a contest?
Nope! It’s simply a fun session for the kids. An opportunity to travel to a fun place to ride. An opportunity to meet some new young riders and their families. Let’s say all the kids want to do a high jump contest or something fun during the session, let’s do it! We have prizes to give away, during one session in Australia we even did a race at the local track next to the skatepark!

Who can go? Can I go?
Anyone! It’s not just for kids only, just a fun different weekend together riding bikes.. Kids, parents, pros, friends, anyone is welcome, all ages. The kids will certainly remember that you stopped by & made an appearance!

Do I need to register or anything?
Of course you can go! You certainly don’t have to, you can totally just show up with your bike & ride, however it is always nice to get to know you a bit beforehand! We do have a Join The Tour form that we recommend filling out, you can even include a photo just incase we’d like one to post online about you making an appearance!

What if I am not from the area or country where the session is?
You are still more than welcome to join! It’s simply a fun session for all kids, and may even be that opportunity you have been waiting for to travel to a certain park! Our first sessions even in Southern California there were two separate cars of lil shredders that drove 30+ hours to session Stephen Murray’s Backyard, Pat Casey’s Backyard, Ben Snowden’s Backyard, and the Claremont YMCA Skatepark in San Diego.

Does it cost anything?
As far as our videos go and to “join the tour” it costs nothing, however as always, normal skatepark admission may apply. Always support your local indoor parks!

How can we organize a Lil Pros session at our local skatepark or riding spot?
Get in touch! Anything is possible! Contact Us

What if I have a brand that I’d like involved with Lil Pros?
Get in touch! Anyone is welcome to chip in & join the fun! Contact Us

Who are all the brands that have helped out?
Visit our Special Thanks page!

Our Story

Watch one of our first videos ever for more about our story:

Meet Dustin Grice & Dallas Light

dustin grice and dallas light