After amassing more than 7,000,000 views on YouTube, Lil Pros Tour returns to its MOST VIRAL FILM ever… Welcome back to Unit 23 in Scotland. Join the crew as we check in with all of the kids again, years later, growing up fast and continuing to progress BMX stronger than ever…

Happy Holidays to all of you and your families, it has been an extremely challenging time worldwide, however, we are very thankful that we have this amazing unreleased footage from before the pandemic in our archives to remember all of our great times together, and look forward to the day that we can all celebrate like this on our bikes again… Cheers to our futures, 2021, and a whole new year full of opportunity!

BIG THANK YOU & APPRECIATION to Mark Ducat and Kieran Riley for their kindness to organize this memorable celebration with the entire family back at Unit 23 and Loch Lomond, and to Matt Nicklen, Stephen Murray, Seth Murray, and Mason Murray for an incredible road trip through England straight north towards the Highlands of Scotland.

Filming: Dustin Grice
Editing: Doug Griess

This video is the Sequel to Lil Pros UK BMX Tour BONUS EPISODE: Pregaming in Scotland at Unit 23 Skatepark:

“Something is definitely in the water here in Scotland when 12-year-olds have no problem doing flairs and 360 double whips… From 6 to 14 years old, the riding and Scottish accents from this session will keep you pumped for next weekend’s Lil Pros UK BMX Tour 7-9 Feb 2014

Riders: Anthony Duffy, Kieran Riley, Paul Friel, Mark Ducat, Cormack, Dylan Austin
Special Thanks: Unit 23 Skatepark in Scotland, Dot, Michelle, Jason Phelan, Kriss Kyle, locals
Sponsors: @totalbmx @linkfoundation @bmxplusmag @bmxlifeapp @staystrongbmx @ridetcff @entitybmxshop @fatbmx @danscomp
Host: Dustin Grice”

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