Lil Pros Tour BONUS EPISODE: NoWear Compound Surprise Session

Located right in the very center of the United States, lies a little gem in the middle of nowhere called the “NoWear Compound”. Created by NoWear Extreme Rider AppareI in the state of Nebraska, this place is jam packed full of outdoor ramps, dirt jumps, and even a whole Barn filled with indoor ramps. Join our day as we make a surprise stop at the NoWear Compound with little 6 year old Isaac Zimmer and 9 year old Reed Bleymeyer.

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Riders: Reed Bleymeyer, Isaac Zimmer, Evan Moyle, Kyle Heaser, Dustin Grice.
Special Thanks: Rob Bleymeyer & Justin Zimmer, Evan Moyle, Kyle Heaser, NoWear BMX
Sponsors: NoWear Extreme Rider Apparel, BMX Groms, Link Foundation, Dream Park Builder, Stay Strong BMX, The Factory, Fat BMX
Host: Dustin Grice
Filming/Editing: Dustin Grice

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