Lil Pros UK BMX Tour – Day 2 – Prevail Skatehouse – Poole, England

Hosted by Dustin Grice, Day 2 of the Lil Pros BMX Tour hits up Prevail Skatehouse and Entity BMX Shop located in Poole, England. From 8-14 years old, watch these talented kids throw down on Prevail’s very unique rhythm/box jump section, bowl & street areas, and a gorgeous mini ramp with double coping spine. You may even see a few special guest pros as well. Look forward to seeing the final edit at another one of England’s hottest new indoor parks, Rush Skatepark.

Riders: George Batty, Max Carley, Troy Hayward, Jack Maguire, Anthony Duffy, Oakley Way, Reef Way, Joshua Cunningham, Will Hogg, Patrick Page
Special Thanks: Prevail Skatehouse & Entity BMX Shop in Poole, Remo, Jack Watts, Harry, Matt Nicklen N2T, Parents, Locals
Sponsors: Total BMX, Link Foundation, BMX Plus! Magazine, #BMXLIFEAPP, Stay Strong BMX, The Factory, Entity BMX Shop, Fat BMX, Dan’s Competition
Filming/Editing: Matt Nicklen/Dustin Grice

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Lil Pros UK BMX Tour Pregaming with Troy Hayward, George Batty, and Max Carley at Prevail Skatehouse

The UK tour is less than two weeks away, and the boys are getting ready… Come shred with all of us 7-9 Feb 2014