Lil Pros UK BMX Tour – Day 2 – Prevail Skatehouse – Poole, England

Hosted by Dustin Grice, Day 2 of the Lil Pros BMX Tour hits up Prevail Skatehouse and Entity BMX Shop located in Poole, England. From 8-14 years old, watch these talented kids throw down on Prevail’s very unique rhythm/box jump section, bowl & street areas, and a gorgeous mini ramp with double coping spine. You may even see a few special guest pros as well. Look forward to seeing the final edit at another one of England’s hottest new indoor parks, Rush Skatepark.

Riders: George Batty, Max Carley, Troy Hayward, Jack Maguire, Anthony Duffy, Oakley Way, Reef Way, Joshua Cunningham, Will Hogg, Patrick Page
Special Thanks: Prevail Skatehouse & Entity BMX Shop in Poole, Remo, Jack Watts, Harry, Matt Nicklen N2T, Parents, Locals
Sponsors: Total BMX, Link Foundation, BMX Plus! Magazine, #BMXLIFEAPP, Stay Strong BMX, The Factory, Entity BMX Shop, Fat BMX, Dan’s Competition
Filming/Editing: Matt Nicklen/Dustin Grice

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