New Video! Lil Pros Tour Canada – Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park – Toronto, Ontario

Only the best riders in the world come from the best parks in the world, and Canada’s Joyride 150 stands among the very top of them. 102,000 square feet completely packed with rhythms, hips, lines, transfers, and every other type of bike ramp you could ever imagine… Not to mention the incredible family behind this world famous riding facility. Meet the talented youth of Toronto, Ontario, right here at Joyride 150. Joyride 150 is also the home of professional riders Drew Bezanson & Mike Varga, both who earned Canada 1st & 2nd place this same exact weekend while competing overseas at one of the world’s biggest freestyle BMX contests, Simple Session in Tallin, Estonia. Stay tuned for the next Lil Pros Tour video in Canada as we head to Whistler, BC. Lil Pros Youth T-Shirts available at

Riders: Dorian Giordano, Lily Melluso, Quinn Chipman, Jaden Chipman, Ben Weber-Kramer, Sammy Marinos, Luke Hammerquist, Jonathan Morrison, Dylan Morrison, Evan Schmidt, Owen Schmidt, Larry Hatter, Fran Vigs, Bailey Peckford, Jack Clairmont, Jeffrey Lapointe, Bradley Harrison, Mack Morgan, Garrett Kohler, Gage Rohfritsch, Jaden Laurin, Gavin Ingram, Malakai Gallacher, Bradley Harrison, Gabriel Pearson, Connor McEwen, Owen Schmidt, all signed up on
Special Thanks: Joyride 150 Family, Mark, Staff, Dorian Giordano & Family, All Parents, All who bought Lil Pros shirts, Ramp Designers & Builders, Locals
Sponsors: Joyride 150, The Boiler Room, Vans, Kid Dynamite, Bell Helmets, BMX Groms, We The People, Total BMX, Deco BMX, Link Foundation, Dream Park Builder, Stay Strong BMX, The Factory, Fat BMX
Host: Dustin Grice
Filming/Editing: Dustin Grice

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Featured Lil Pros for Canada’s Session at Joyride 150

Would you like to be a featured Lil Pro for our session this Sunday in Canada? Submit your photo on the Join The Tour Form!

Nahum-Billington-11-chimpbmx Mason-Drowne-10-mason_drowne Larry-Hatter-15-lillarrybmx Bradley-Harrison-13-harrison_bmx sammy-marinos-6-Sammy_Marinos_BMX Malakai-Gallacher-12-Milltownkai luke Lily-Melluso-12-lily_bmx Gavin-Ingram-13-gavin_bmx Gabriel-Pearson-9 evan dorian chipmanDylan-Morrison-12-dylanmorris0n ben

Confirmed Riders for Lil Pros BMX Tour Canada 4/19/2015

Are you planning on joining our session in Canada? Fill out the Join The Tour Form & let us know!

As always normal session rates may apply, always support your local indoor skateparks:))

Here are the riders we’ve been in touch with so far:

  • Dorian Giordano
  • Lily Melluso
  • Quinn Chipman
  • Jaden Chipman
  • Ben Weber-Kramer
  • Sammy Marinos
  • Luke Hammerquist
  • Jonathan Morrison
  • Dylan Morrison
  • Evan Schmidt
  • Owen Schmidt
  • Larry Hatter
  • Fran Vigs
  • Bailey Peckford
  • Jack Clairmont
  • Jeffrey Lapointe
  • Bradley Harrison
  • Mack Morgan
  • Garrett Kohler
  • Gage Rohfritsch
  • Jaden Laurin
  • Gavin Ingram
  • Malakai Gallacher
  • Bradley Harrison
  • Gabriel Pearson
  • Connor McEwen
  • Owen Schmidt


Lil Pros BMX Tour CANADA! Session at Joyride 150 & Backyard BBQ at Dorian’s on Sunday April 19th!


Happy Easter from @LilProsBMXTour! We are excited to announce that we will soon be riding in #CANADA on Sunday April 19th at Joyride 150! Come join our fun kids session Fill out our rider confirmation form if you’ll be there HUGE THANK YOU @dorian_bmx @joyride150 @the_boiler_room @vansbmx66 @bellbikehelmets @wethepeoplebmx @bmxgroms @kid_dynamite_apparel @totalbmx @decobmx @staystrongbmx @linkfoundation @ridethefactory @fatbmx @fatbmxkids @bmxplusmag @dreamparkbuilder @trodies #bmxgroms #dreamparkbuilder #linkfoundation #doriangiordano #joyride150 #toronto #ontario #lilprosaroundtheworld #easter #bmx #lilpros #kids #lilprostour #LILPROSBMXTOUR #LILPROSCANADA SHRED SOON HOMIES

Lil Pros BMX Tour Spotlight: Meet 10 Year Old Dorian Giordano & His Backyard BMX Ramp

Have you ever imagined having your own pro level BMX ramp in your backyard? How about one with riders including Drew Bezanson, Mike Varga, and Mike Gray who will come session with you? Meet Dorian Giordano. Lil Pros BMX Tour shines its first ever “Spotlight” video on this VERY talented 10 year old from Ontario, Canada.

Filming: Tyler Rizzi
Editing: Dustin Grice

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