Featured Lil Pros for Canada’s Session at Joyride 150

Would you like to be a featured Lil Pro for our session this Sunday in Canada? Submit your photo on the Join The Tour Form!

Nahum-Billington-11-chimpbmx Mason-Drowne-10-mason_drowne Larry-Hatter-15-lillarrybmx Bradley-Harrison-13-harrison_bmx sammy-marinos-6-Sammy_Marinos_BMX Malakai-Gallacher-12-Milltownkai luke Lily-Melluso-12-lily_bmx Gavin-Ingram-13-gavin_bmx Gabriel-Pearson-9 evan dorian chipmanDylan-Morrison-12-dylanmorris0n ben

Confirmed Riders for Lil Pros BMX Tour Canada 4/19/2015

Are you planning on joining our session in Canada? Fill out the Join The Tour Form & let us know!

As always normal session rates may apply, always support your local indoor skateparks:))

Here are the riders we’ve been in touch with so far:

  • Dorian Giordano
  • Lily Melluso
  • Quinn Chipman
  • Jaden Chipman
  • Ben Weber-Kramer
  • Sammy Marinos
  • Luke Hammerquist
  • Jonathan Morrison
  • Dylan Morrison
  • Evan Schmidt
  • Owen Schmidt
  • Larry Hatter
  • Fran Vigs
  • Bailey Peckford
  • Jack Clairmont
  • Jeffrey Lapointe
  • Bradley Harrison
  • Mack Morgan
  • Garrett Kohler
  • Gage Rohfritsch
  • Jaden Laurin
  • Gavin Ingram
  • Malakai Gallacher
  • Bradley Harrison
  • Gabriel Pearson
  • Connor McEwen
  • Owen Schmidt